• May 18th, 2012
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 Is Patriotism Gone?

Over the past few years we have watched as less and less people seem to care or want to support the celebration of our freedom. They see July 4th as a day to invite friends over and have a barbeque in their backyard or for their church to hold a family fun day at CSI, ending with a wonderful fireworks display.

There was a time when patriotism was taught in our schools and children grew up to respect the flag and understand what it meant to be an American. They were taught the real reason why we are a free nation, why we can say what we want to say, wear what we want to wear, be who we want to be. Instead it seems that curriculum has been watered down and replaced with history of the world, traditions of the world, how America and what it stands for is bad and everyone should have a “world view” and not be boxed up in this “outdated” thing called America. It has gotten so bad that there are movements that are calling for people to walk on, stomp on, and even burn our flag.

Is Patriotism gone? What about all the men and women that died over the last 200+ years? What about the families of these brave Americans that gave their lives for our freedoms and our flag? It is time for those that believe in patriotism to stand up and be heard. As July 4th approaches, we encourage you to speak up, open you pockets and help us raise money for this celebration. Also, isn’t it time for all the churches that sit with their congregations enjoying the fireworks each year at CSI to help out and contribute to the fireworks fund? Together we can once again pull off a 4th of July celebration like no other.


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